Sydney Update

Sydney got an offer from another company. It sounds like she’ll be leaving my company at the end of the year. I could not be more happy. She feels like this blight on my life, and it will be nice to wash her away. She keeps mentioning the new company is less than a mile away, like we might meet for drinks or something. Fat chance. When she’s gone I’m done.

Even from a work perspective she is just getting to be too much. Constantly complaining about her job, her boss, the company. It’s possible I have rose colored glasses, but she clearly has negative glasses. Everything is wrong. Nothing is good. If something could be taken to a horrible extreme she does. Then she gets mad when I argue against her. Frankly I don’t need that negativity in my life.

The teamwork we used to have has ended too. She doesn’t have time. Oh well. Sianara Sydney!!


One thought on “Sydney Update

  1. She knows you well. Did I miss the part where you two were intimate? Had sex. It’s a control by a few. You feel in charge. You are cause that’s the game. Your attention is the pay off.
    Ask a co-worker what they think of your relationship/interactive with her? Puppy probably.


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