Emotional Connection

Can you force an emotional connection? Can you coax love back into a marriage with touch, empathy and communication? Claire listened to a podcast about emotional connections, and is trying to reach out to me. I can feel it.

At first it seemed very fake. After awhile though I realized that I actually enjoyed the touch. I enjoyed her forcing herself to pay attention to me. It wasn’t perfect, but it was something.

I’m also emotionally crashing from the Sydney fall out. It could be that I just need to feel loved right now. I can sense how weak I am. The attention from Claire is well received. I’m glad she’s trying. I don’t know what will come of it, but I’m glad she’s trying.

On the other hand our love life had taken a bit of a down turn. I think the energy Claire had from the affair discovery has worn off.

There are days like today where I just feel very down. Like I am not worthy of love from anyone. Both affair partners have rejected me. My wife deserves better. What am I doing? I know Claire wants to love me, but I feel that if I come crawling back to her she’s going to flip the tables on me. She wants stability, she doesn’t want me. If I become less of a flight risk per se then she will let me know how she feels without holding back. Because right now I am not lovable from any woman.


One thought on “Emotional Connection

  1. I can imagine Claire’s feelings about your marriage are in chaos but it’s good that she’s trying.
    Am I correct that she does not know about Sydney? That disclosure (if made) may have a very negative effect and make your efforts worthless.
    But, there are ‘couples intimacy counselling’. Less talk, more hands on for couple.


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