Crazy Coincidence

Something truly bizarre is happening. At the end of my affair with Meredith she was actively looking for employment elsewhere. She applied to a really wonderful company that is very hard to get into. Yet she made it in the door; past the phone screen; past the coffee interview; all the way to the full panel interview. In the end she didn’t get that job, but they asked her to come in one more time for a similar job in a different department. She declined because she found her dream job in the mean time.

Now I’m sitting here with Sydney who is also seeking employment elsewhere. She applied to the SAME COMPANY! She made it all the way to the final interview as well.

In the past I have applied to this company, and have had many friends apply. Very few get a single call back. It’s consistently rated one of the top companies to work for in the US. It amazes me that both of these women did so well in getting through the process. I know how ridiculously smart and capable they are, but it’s crazy to see how well others see that too.

Not sure if she’ll get the job. It would be nice because then I wouldn’t have to see her everyday. I sort of feel it’s in my best interest to help her out.


One thought on “Crazy Coincidence

  1. So you were with Sydney today or the other day? After the issue of the falling out and it off, and saying she was self absorbed? 🤔 confuses on the timeline of all this


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