Is it possible to be friends with someone after you’ve had a romantic relationship with them? That is what Sydney wants. I’m not sure I do. I enjoy her friendship, but it hurts quite a bit too be around her, and not have the physical affection.

She admitted she is still very, very attracted to me, but she just doesn’t want to go there. She wants to stay faithful to her boyfriend. The risk of a slip up seems too great if we remain friends. Especially considering that I don’t really want a platonic relationship. I told her as much today. She is thinking about it.

Honestly I think it’s all winding down. She would not even allow a hug today. From making out three days ago to no contact today. That really isn’t what I want any more. It’s too difficult for me.

Is that why these usually don’t work out? It’s too painful for the side that didn’t want to end it? It makes sense to me.

Tonight we are doing a short happy hour. I don’t anticipate it going well. It will likely be our last. A goodbye drink. I’ve been preparing some things to say to her. It’s time to move on, but I do still have to work with her and will need to be kind about it.


6 thoughts on “Friends

  1. I have only been friends with one ex. And that’s only because we’re still living in the same town. I’ve never done it before, and I wouldn’t do it by choice but I can’t shake this one off. I don’t make any real effort to cultivate the relationship and my opinion of him is fairly low since I dumped him for a dozen very well founded reasons.

    I don’t think this is a good idea for you either but you work together so you either have to get on or you just blank each other which does not make for a good work environment. Since she is the one that wants to stay in her relationship you should respect that.

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  2. I agree with NotYourAverage; you have to respect what she wants. Good for her for wanting to stay with her boyfriend and seeing this fling you guys have isn’t either for either of you.
    Be coworkers. Only associate at work. Of course be friendly while at work, but be coworkers.

    You need to get back with Claire and figure all that out again like you were before.

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