Don’t Stay for the Kids

Yesterday my wife had a day right out of the movies. She was upset and not coping well, but still working and seeing patients. Her first patient was an 80+ year old man.

He asked how she was and she said “Doing fine.”

He responded “Glad to hear it. How are the kids?” She was pregnant the last time he saw her.

“They are doing very well. Growing fast.” She said.

“You know I was married for 50 years.” He said, out of the blue.

“Wow that’s impressive.” My wife responded.

“Yeah, we just didn’t work out in the end. Should’ve ended it long before.” He said.

“Well I’m sorry to hear that.” She replied.

“Let that be a lesson to you. Don’t stick around just for the kids. It didn’t help anyone.” He said.

All of this was out of the blue. He knew nothing of what she was going through. Just speaking his mind about his own life. It made my wife’s hair stand-up on the back of her neck. Add if he were sent to speak these words to her.


6 thoughts on “Don’t Stay for the Kids

  1. Just like Meredith and Sydney randomly came into your life, so will others for your wife. There will be signs everywhere guiding both of you during this process. Sometimes it’s these little interactions with complete strangers that get you though the day. Other times, it’s to spell out the obvious to make you really ponder your next moves. There will be more of these to come. I’m 4 years past dday and they still happen.

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