A reader shared this in a comment, and I think it hit spot on what I feel Meredith is doing with her life. She is Ostriching. Sticking her head in the sand, and pretending everything is ok. Nothing has dramatically changed about her life, but she has decided it’s as good as it is going to be so she should just give up on happiness. 

This really fits with her personality actually, and we talked about it in different terms off and on over the last two years. She lives for harmony. She gives of herself to make sure others are happy and content. She knows that she can just give herself to her children and marriage and not be concerned with the parts that don’t work for her. As long as everyone else is happy then she can convince herself that she is happy. 

Those things that we shared, sexual, intellectual, and understanding, can be set aside. She has convinced herself they are not necessary to her life anymore. Full steam ahead with the life she has. Give up on the life she wants. 

In fact she said to me many times when she was trying to do things for herself that she could not have done them without me. It was too hard. She could not have told her husband about her needs without me there to support her. She could not have taken the initiative win applying for top level jobs without me showing her how valuable she is. Without me it would have been too much. She would have had to disrupt the harmony of her life and relationships. She admitted she will do almost anything to keep the harmony. 

Her own husband did not think her worth what she was trying for, as he saw himself as the only one needing to work. Almost as if it was cute that she saw herself as smart enough to work for the companies we were trying to get her into. He was zero help and support. It took a lot out of him for her to go through with it, and without me pushing her and showing her she could do it then she would have quit. Because she had no other support. Her role was to make everyone else happy. 

Now she has codified that life. 


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