She was Perfect

There are things about Meredith that I don’t think anyone else will ever know about her. Deep things. Things that require you to really understand the intricacies of how she ticks. Things only I know. I love those things. 

I love the things about her everyone knows. Her public persona. I love the things only close friends would know. I love the things only her mother or husband would know. But most of all I love the things that only I will ever know. Her husband will never know; her mother will never know; her sisters, children and friends will never know. Only me. 

She is beautiful and wonderful. The varied sides of her inner and outer personalities complementing each other well. There was a depth and a lightness. I want it all. 

Frankly I don’t think there is another woman like her out there. Certainly not one I could find. She was more than one in a million. She defied odds. There were no odds. There was just one. Meredith. She was mine ever so briefly and changed my life forever. 

You can call it whatever you like, but this beautiful woman will be on my mind for a lifetime. I will never forget her. I will never stop imagining myself with her. Maybe she isn’t perfect, but she was perfect for me. 


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