Dyed Hair, Tattoos, and Piercings, part 2

Just a quick update here because I couldn’t believe this just happened. If you read my previous post you know how I feel about the above items. 

Today while I was at the gas station a car pulled up on the other side of the pump with a beautiful woman driving. She was probably 10 years my junior, but she was really beautiful so I let my eyes wander. She was wearing a simple t shirt a little loosely and her hair was done up in a high bun. The kind I really like that Meredith would do on a whim and my wife won’t do when I specifically ask her to. 

Then this woman steps out of the car and the first thing I notice is a shock of blue hair mixed up in the bun. I start to smile. She then heads off to the mini-mart attached to the gas station. As she walks away I first notice that she has nice tan legs with cute short shorts and low top converse. She’s very beautiful, and smartly if not casually dressed. But upon closer inspection I see a tattoo on her ankle running up to her calf on the inside of her left leg. Now I’m really smiling. 

When she returns from the mini-mart she walks within a few feet of me. I smile, she smiles back, and that’s when I see the nose ring. No shit! This cute little “girl next door” just hit all three of the items I mentioned in my previous post. I was smiling the whole way home thinking about her, and even now. 


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