Unintentional Love

Do we choose who we fall in love with? With our family that is certainly not the case. It is purely a function of birth luck. I love my family dearly, but I didn’t choose to be born within this family. 

Most of my friends were found through proximity. Either in college or high school. Even my now wife lived above me in the dorms at college. Proximity. How much did I have to do with finding any of these people I love in my life?

I suppose with my kids that was a choice. Although it’s not always a choice for everyone. Surprises happen. Even so, I love them more than anything. More than everything else really. 

What does it mean then if you fall in love with the wrong person? A forbidden person even. 


4 thoughts on “Unintentional Love

  1. For me it means that you’re missing something within yourself that you’re not aware of. My therapist would say there are times when things like this unintentionally happen to good people. When it does they handle it the right way, try to do the right thing, and when it just isn’t working they try to cause the least amount of additional hurt because they’re aware it will be very painful to the person who is told they’re not loved anymore. I assume you’re talking about your situation.

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  2. And yes I do feel we choose. Someone told me long ago that women look for love for marriage and men marry who they are dating &/or in love with when the time is right to marry. I’m not sure if I worded that right but it’s always made me wonder.

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    1. Oh I like that. Women look for the long term prospect and men just see who they are with when it’s time to marry.

      I’m still not sure if we choose. But I suppose we choose to keep coming back until love takes over.

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