What is your Kink?

My wife finally took the quiz to see her kinkiness level. She was afraid to show me. In fact she still hasn’t, but she did give me a preview. She scores 93% vanilla. Well that’s not too unexpected. I mean I was always hoping for something inside her she wasn’t aware of, but in the end it is what we both kind of knew. 

I scored 13% vanilla. We are a bit apart there. Now we have more to discuss though. One online quiz does not determine the course of a marriage. But it does give us another avenue to communicate which we sorely need. 

Over the past year and a half to two years I have done quite a lot of self discovery. Learning much about myself that I either didn’t know or didn’t really understand. For my wife I think she has begun her own self discovery process earlier this year when meeting with her counselor. But they don’t discuss sex. I believe my wife is too scared to bring it up. 

One of our biggest problems is sex and we need to discuss it. What I appreciate about that quiz is that is gives us a common starting point and a set of language to use beyond the very basics. Hopefully this weekend we will have time to delve further. 


9 thoughts on “What is your Kink?

      1. I can’t imagine I’m more vanilla than your wife but I got 97% 😲
        amongst the other list. I am going to re-take it but dont imagine much difference…🤔

        == Results from bdsmtest.org ==
        97% Vanilla
        96% Switch
        76% Boy/Girl
        74% Voyeur
        60% Masochist
        60% Primal (Hunter)
        59% Dominant
        58% Exhibitionist
        53% Submissive
        53% Non-monogamist
        49% Owner
        49% Experimentalist
        46% Brat
        44% Master/Mistress
        43% Slave
        43% Daddy/Mommy
        36% Pet
        33% Primal (Prey)
        27% Rope bunny
        19% Rigger
        1% Ageplayer
        0% Degradee
        0% Degrader
        0% Sadist


  1. == Results from bdsmtest.org ==
    98% Rope bunny
    94% Boy/Girl
    86% Submissive
    75% Pet
    74% Primal (Prey)
    55% Experimentalist
    52% Masochist
    49% Brat
    47% Ageplayer
    42% Non-monogamist
    42% Slave
    42% Vanilla
    9% Degradee
    1% Exhibitionist
    1% Voyeur
    0% Switch

    I was actually only surprised by the Non-monogamist portion. Very interesting.

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