Working with Meredith again?

My best friend left the company I work for last month. We had the same boss. I spoke about it here. There is now an open position my boss is trying to fill. She spoke to me yesterday about a couple ideas. Then she said “I’m also going to give Meredith a call and see if she wants to come back. What do you think of that?”

My brain kind of short-circuited at that point. Of course my boss knows we got along well, but not quite how well. I kept a level head but it was not easy. I told her my opinion which is that it is unlikely she would take such an offer. 

However I haven’t spoken to her in months. Before that we were barely talking. I really have no idea how her current situation is going at the non profit. Hopefully well, but maybe not. Then of course there is her husband who would not let her go back to my company simply because I’m here. Totally understand. On top of that she was trying to get out which makes me think she would probably go somewhere else first anyway. 

We will see but wow that was a bit of shock. 


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