To Be a Masochist 

I do not know what it is like to be a masochist. I fall squarely on the sadist side of the equation. But I do wonder, if someone is not now a masochist can they become one? How would I even describe for them what that pleasure is like?

For me, I can tell you the pleasure I get from delivering pain to a sexually submissive woman who consents. In fact knowing that they need it is as big a turn on for me as delivering the pain. I love watching the pain inflict pleasure on them. 

For reasons I cannot fully explain, I know the pleasure they feel even though I personally could not be in their position. Watching my belt smack down on their flesh causes my heart to race. In my mind I can picture the pain racing through the woman’s body and lighting up her sexual arousal. Although I do not feel the sting of the belt I can feel the effects of the pain as if it were on my own skin. 

Because of this reaction I intuitively know where to land the blows and which implements to use. I can watch their body language to determine how hard to hit and with what frequency. I enjoy distributing the pain across the body in such a way that it builds on itself. The effect can make a true masochist quite aroused. Often begging or whimpering for more. 

Although I can intuitively feel this pleasurable pain I do not have the words to describe to a non-masochist what they are missing. Perhaps if I could then my wife and I could start moving that direction. The way things are now neither of us are getting much pleasure from it. 


One thought on “To Be a Masochist 

  1. Not sure how you would explain something that is really so individual but I have heard of ‘conditioning’ where one starts to equate pain with pleasure over time and gradually added intensity.

    Perhaps you should check out Wicked Daddy on wordpress, he seems willing to help those with questions. Perhaps you can find the tips and techniques you need there.

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