Creating Fantasies

I recently had a big fantasy jump into my head, and it’s been there all day. I thought you might find both the fantasy and the process interesting. Throughout any given day I have many small fantasies that fly in and out of my mind. Sometimes though a big fantasy comes along and stays awhile. Generally these big fantasies will be front and center of my mind for weeks at a time. They never really die, but they do go dormant after awhile. 

These big fantasies require three things: a specific woman; a setting; a reason for the power exchange. In this case the specific woman is my boss which is also the reason. The setting is a hotel room on a business trip after a day of customer meetings. Once those three things are established then my mind takes over. The fantasy takes root and grows. It may go in many directions. Over the course of weeks it will slowly progress, and I will try out new elements. The new elements may force me to go back and reform earlier elements of the fantasy. In the end I am left with a near work of art. Something just inside the realm of possible so that my mind can feed off of it, but clearly in fantasy land. 

I’ve only had one fantasy like this ever come true. It was with Meredith, of course. The last time we had sex. In a hotel. I day dreamed about that one for weeks. In the end all that dreaming was put into a plan, and executed to great success. Even though I’m married and could execute many fantasies with my wife she will have none of it. That thought makes me sad. 

These multi-week fantasies I’ve had for decades. They predate porn and marriage for me. They are very creatively inspired by my mind. 

Let me give you a taste. I’ve been stuck in a meeting all day with about 20 people. My boss is running the meeting. She’s the boss of everyone in the room and it’s mostly men. She is about 10 years older than me and extremely sexy. She works out nearly everyday; snacks on raw vegetables; and puts an incredible amount of time into her appearance. Her wardrobe is all Nordstrom and changed frequently. She predominantly wears skirts and sleeveless tops. Some end up showing a lot of cleavage. I believe she was a cheerleader in college, and I know she had fun. She is fun. High energy and very sexual, while also being a terrific and devoted mother of two. 

As I’m sitting across from her and able to see her sexy bare legs coming out of her tight and slightly too short skirt, my mind starts to wander into very dirty places. I start imagining my hands going under that skirt. Then going under her shirt. 

All of that leads me to start dreaming of us both on a business trip. We stop at the hotel bar one day after work and have a few and talk. She gets flirty and I return the favor. At some point we both end up back in her hotel room where I immediately slam her up against the wall. One hand to her throat and another wandering her body. She can feel my body pressed into her, holding her into the wall. Let the games begin. 

Other fantasies in the past have included teachers; my sister in law; the lady who used to own our house (she still lives nearby and rarely wears a bra when I see her around the neighborhood); a couple of coworkers. They all have turned into long fantasies for me of various descriptions. I can still picture them too, even many years later. 

I don’t really know where I’m going with this. I’m sure I’m not the only one with intricate big fantasies. It does help show how long I’ve felt these BDSM desires. It’s been a long time although I really didn’t have an idea of what they were until recently. 

Alright back to my meetings. Only 3 more days of those legs. 


11 thoughts on “Creating Fantasies

      1. Is there a way to send you this fantasy story privately? I’ve looked on your page but I do not see a place to send you a message. If you aren’t comfortable with me doing so, I understand completely.

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