Journal: at home

Another post by Meredith. Just read that last line. That’s the message she was sending to me. This is something we talked about a lot. How making gobs of money wasn’t nearly as important to us as making enough to get by and spending time together. 


There are times that I think I could be quite content staying at home as long as I had a little work to stay occupied.

I’ve been at home by myself all day and it’s lovely. I’ve gotten work done, made dinner, fixed the budget. Now I’m going to shower and then read some more for work. I love having my time be my own. And I love knowing that I’m close to both my daughter and H should one of them need something. Sometimes I think I would love to work like 20-30 hours a week so that I could devote more time to caring for my family. Or even 40 in a job like my current one where I can work from home and move when I work to fit our family. I just… I really like caring for my family. A lot. There is something peaceful about getting our lives set up well. I don’t like the childcare part of it because it makes it hard to do all the other stuff. So I would want to make sure that I made enough money to have childcare most days. But still, that’s not too hard.

Something to think about for my next phase.


One thought on “Journal: at home

  1. There is a huge amount of satisfaction in knowing that you are always just a moment’s notice away for your family.
    I’ve been working from home since just after my second child was born and that is precisely the reason why …. 15 years now and they are more than capable of being on their own but we all prefer it this way!
    I can completely relate to that thought!

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