Reading a marriage book at the behest of my counselor, and page 40 really nailed it! The concept of flooding. I had been trying to tell my wife how her reactions to things overwhelm me and shut me down. It frustrates her as well as me. I mean I’m in a conversation, and then I’m just done. She went a certain direction, and BAM my body shuts down and my brain turns off. 

It’s called flooding. It’s a real thing, and affects us in a very physical way. Blood pressure and heart rate changes are significant. It forces your brain back into primitive mode. I can completely relate to that. All my humor and creative solutions are gone. It’s just me trying to survive the situation and make it stop. 

I love finding new information. This is great! I have a name for something that has been plaguing my marriage. Can we change it? Only time will tell, but it is no longer a mystery which means we are closer to resolution of one kind or another. 


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