Journal: Weekly Plan

Last summer when Meredith and I were apart I came up with an idea to help her. She was really struggling with losing me, and with life in general. I wanted to still be able to take care of her as best I could. 

In order to take care of her I needed to know what was going on in her life. I also needed to give her tasks to do so she could serve me. It was important for her mentally to be able to do that. She loved it and started immediately. 

The post below was her first post which outlined my expectations for her. It was written as a personal journal post because we could not trust her husband not to find it. He always found her communication. Yet, it was for me to read. 

I want to share some of these, not all of them, so you can get a first hand view into how Meredith thought and felt about our relationship. I think it will add another perspective, and I hope you enjoy it. 

These are her words directly – only editing to change names and locations. 


To help me feel good:

– 5x meditating

– 4x workout (yoga or 7 min)

– write in once a week how I’m feeling, my weight, my medication levels, how much I’m sleeping etc.


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