Excercise Update

Lately I’ve been hitting the elliptical trainer. I strained my knee many weeks ago lifting weights, and have started running and stretching to heal it. So far so good. All the excercise has improved my mood. Right now, for instance, I’m feeling pretty good. 

It’s interesting to me how emotions, and thoughts are tied together. Today I don’t feel down, and my thoughts feel different. Honestly the conclusions are still the same, but I feel more positive about it. In fact knowing that when I’m having a good day I’m still very concerned about the future of my marriage is good! It confirms that my moods are not driving my decisions on something so life changing. One of my biggest worries is to make a life changing decision, and then regret it later when I’m not as depressed. 

Anyway, that’s an update for you. Spring is here. I’m excercising which is helping. My thought process remains the same. 


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