Meredith Wrote me a note after the first call on March 27th. She left it in a hidden spot on the internet where she used to leave me secret notes written as journal posts. I haven’t looked there since October, but was going through some old passwords, and stumbled upon it.

This is what she wrote:


Love me for all the reasons I always wanted to be loved.

Take care of me.

Open up your heart to me and what’s there is beautiful.

See all the best parts of me. And help me see them too.

Make me laugh.

Ask good questions.

Listen intently.

Are perfect for me.

But you aren’t mine.


8 thoughts on “You

    1. Yeah I know. Such sweet words with the big truth at the bottom. I remember she said something similar to that last line in our call. I think she is trying to distance herself by acknowledging that she can’t have what we had unless we are together. The truth is that we are both married to other people and until that changes she is going to remind both of us that we are not together. It’s direct without being mean or dramatic.

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  1. Man. That is tough. It’s times like these that life seems like a cruel game. But, in a way, finding that note that is so beautiful, loving, and real, it’s something about that that makes life worth living. What I wouldn’t give to know if Sierra felt something for me, like I did for her, but I will probably never know that. At least you do, and I find that incredible and heartbreaking at the same time. I’m sorry that this is probably so painful for you though.

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    1. Thanks. It’s ok. I’m actually glad to read it. Yes a bunch of emotions came flooding in, but also I can see how she feels. It was real. She acknowledged it and also acknowledged the situation. We are not together and it can’t continue as long as we are not together.

      She’s very careful with her words. The fact that she said it that way means something. She didn’t say never or I don’t love you or move on. Just that we are not each others right now.

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      1. It’s great that you are able to see the positive in this. Although, I do worry that if you focus on “she didn’t say never…” then it will make it harder for you to get through this, to focus on your marriage… Isn’t moving on what you need to do?

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