Focus on My Wife

I wasn’t able to spend much time thinking about Meredith today and I feel alright. I’m completely unable to get any information about her and that is actually freeing. 

In the morning I was busy with kid activities. After that we ran to the nursery to pick out plants for our barren side hill which we had rebuilt last fall. Followed by lunch and getting the kids down for naps. 

Taxes were next. 90 minutes of fun and those are done. Only a few thousand dollar check to write. The last couple years we were hit with five figure checks to write and those hurt! Once we were even penalized for being so far off with our withholding amounts. To be fair I hate getting a refund. Giving the government my money interest free all year is too much. I always like to owe a little. This year was much better. 

Then I went and planted some of the plants. The kids woke up and we scuttled off to a Dim Sum restaurant for dinner with friends, and ice cream for dessert. 

Back home we put the kids to bed and cozied up in the bath for a little relaxing time together. Just my wife and me. Ended with a blowjob as she wasn’t very horny, but willing to please me. 

Overall a nice task filled day with some time focused on my wife at the end. We get along really well when there are tasks to do. Nothing earth shattering today, but one small step in the right direction I feel. 


7 thoughts on “Focus on My Wife

  1. This is awesome! 😀 I’m very happy to hear you are going in this direction!
    My hubby and I spend lots of time working together on small tasks during the day, relaxing and cuddling in the evenings and then … well whatever happens next! 😉
    When I feel He has been with me all day I naturally want to be there for Him later … I’ve got my fingers crossed that you are going to go in that direction too!

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  2. I’m glad you’re focusing on your family. I remember after my husband told his OW it was over we went through a hysterical bonding period. We took lots of baths together during that time and had alot of morning, afternoon and evening sex. I actually miss the hysterical bonding time. Now we’re back to normal couple times a week sex.
    Take time to reconnect with her and the memory of Meredith will fade.

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    1. Huh, that sounds really nice. We had one bath (she cancelled out on the first one) and are up to sex like once a week. That’s sort of hysterical for us. I’d prefer yours though ;). 3x’s a day, that’s the life.

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      1. Since your wife doesn’t know about your affair then you won’t have hysterical bonding. It’s kinda like taking back what was given away to someone else. It’s like a dog marking it’s territory. If she doesn’t know there was danger invading her marriage her mind has no reason to go through hysterical bonding.
        I remember thinking there was something seriously wrong with me that I wanted my husband so much after knowing what he did, but luckily found out it was normal. It was almost a competition with the OW to be better at fucking my own husband. Sick, I know. But here we are 3 years later…

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