Calling Meredith

I’m going to call her this week. I know, this thing is pulling in so many directions, but I can’t stop thinking about her. We are finally starting to get some separation, but I promised her I would reach out in April. It’s almost April. I don’t want a random unplanned phone call to be our touch base. I want a calm considered time together where we can be honest without other pressures. 

The phone call I want to use in order to setup another meeting with her in April. Preferably face to face. That is the best form of communication, and I believe what is needed here. Is it risky? Yes. We can barely keep our hands off each other. 

She will be worried of her husband’s reaction if he finds we were together. He will assume we had sex anyway. I understand, but I will need her to end our relationship rather than shortchange our touch base. We left too much on the line. 

What do I want from this meeting? I really have no idea. I constantly flip back and forth between telling her it’s over; putting it on hold until summer; and trying to continue the affair. There are a million factors to consider. I just need to talk to her. Then we can plan our next steps. 

It may very well be that she tells me it’s over. I must be prepared for that. Really hard to imagine. But you never know. 


11 thoughts on “Calling Meredith

  1. I thought I’d offer you a different perspective since the one you appear to have now is laser focused on this meeting, and your future with Meredith. Would you ok with your children knowing all of this one day? Chances are pretty good that if there’s a reason to look, as if you and their mother are no longer together, they will. Never underestimate what your wife knows and what she’s doing to take you down. I had my husband followed, borrowed his devices quickly while he was sleeping to have them read and get information off of, and I also got a video of him having sex with another woman during our marriage. All of this information and all the specific details are filed documents available to the public. If she has anything similar and you go to trial, depending on the laws of your area, it’s possible you’re going down and it won’t be pretty. Never underestimate how pissed off a betrayed woman is and how far she’s willing to go to show what you’ve been doing with you time and thoughts. Just wanted to offer this up before you dove in.

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    1. Wow I didn’t know the depth of your story. That is crazy. I’m fairly certain my wife hasn’t gone that far for a number of reasons, but even if she has I am really hoping for a meeting almost business like. Ok more therapy like due to emotions. Nothing I would be ashamed for the kids to know or see. Because you bring up some good points and I don’t want the kids to end up hunting down trails of betrayal. I want to move forward cautiously. But I need at least this one last conversation. Or I feel I do. I feel stuck in limbo. Not able to move forward in any direction.

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  2. Good luck, Mr Patience!
    Being stuck in limbo is a horrible feeling, and I hope that the face-to-face will help provide you with clarity. I find it rather telling, that you speak of “planning our next steps” as in you and Meredith together, but perhaps I’m reading too much into it.

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    1. You definitely could but I said it that way because the next steps may be “delete all communication and never speak to each other again.” Not my preferred option at the moment but it would be a next step.


      1. It would be hard to do because her husband knows about us and does not approve. I would absolutely love it as she was such a wonderful friend, but I’m not sure if I could stay in control of myself long term. We failed last year.

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      2. Control is difficult for the best of us, I can imagine it would be quite difficult for both of you, especially with the added complication of her husband. Still it seems sad, after all you’ve written about her truly knowing you…

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