A Day in the Life

I read a really fun post about the profession of the day of a blogger, and where they found the time to blog and do life. It was interesting. Thought I would do the same. I really love first hand accounts of people’s lives. 

This whole week I’ve been on vacation, but we are staying home to work on some major projects and kick off sleep training. 

Staycation edition

6:45 Woke up to my dog barking at a neighbor going to work. My wife is already up getting the kids ready in their room. I can hear them talking. My daughter runs in to tell me it’s time to get up. We play for a bit, but she wants to go downstairs. 

7:00 head downstairs to start breakfast. Malt o meal for me. I love making malt o meal when it’s cold, but rarely have the time. Yogurt and blueberries for my daughter and wife. Blueberries for my son. 

After breakfast I made bialetti coffee. It’s my vacation and I enjoy making coffee. 

8:20 Headed to the courthouse with the family.  If you want passports for the kids you have to have both parents present. This is the type of thing you do on a Staycation. Took until 9:40. 

9:50 back home. Kids with Mom on their way to daycare. Snack, then head down to the shop to start assembling cabinets (I’m building a wall of built-ins, and a new mantel for the fireplace). It’s a slow going process, but so far no major hang ups. Electrician coming tomorrow to hook up the lighting. 

11:25 Stop for a coffee break. I like to make different kinds of craft coffee when I’m home. Going with a dark roast pour over ice using a hario coffee drip. Also grabbed a forkful of mac and cheese that was in the fridge. I get shaky if I’m hungry. 

1:25 stopped for more food after hauling a cabinet upstairs. Another large forkful of mac n cheese and some jello. I like to snack quickly on leftovers when working on projects. I never heat them up, and always look for calorie dense foods so I can eat as many calories as quickly as possible to stop the hunger and get back to my project. 

Took time to talk to the wife about tile plans around the fireplace. I think we have a strategy. 

1:45 Spent a few minutes updating notes for this post. 

2:10 Back to the shop with the cabinets for adjustments. Spent the rest of the afternoon down there. When I’m running machinery or requiring lots of thinking (measuring and math) then I listen to music. When I’m doing mind numbing tasks like sanding and painting/staining then I listen to podcasts. 

5:40 Heading to a restaurant to meet up with my wife and kids and a family that we are friends with who are moving out of state this weekend. Dinner at 6. I dress fairly nicely everyday which meant all I had to do was brush the sawdust out of my hair and off my clothes and I was ready to go out for dinner. Not a bad time saver!

5:55 Arrived at restaurant. Wife and kids were there already with a table. My daughter was ecstatic to see me. I love that. 

6:30 Still no sign of our friends. Getting uncomfortable with the waiter as we are holding a big table. I’m not surprised this is happening. My wife arranged it, and she had this knack of leaving room for interpretations that cause problems like this. I ask her to follow up, and the response we get back is “Did we have plans today? I don’t recall anything.”

Secretly I’m fuming, but trying to hide it because my wife gets very distraught with such things. To me this is just another example of why I shouldn’t leave things to her without triple checking. 

Turns out it probably wasn’t my wife’s fault. Well not all of it. Our friend had cancelled, but canceled to the wrong person. They have a similar name to my wife. 

We end up having dinner as a family. A family of wild chimpanzees. After sitting “still” for that long in the restaurant without food, and right near bed time, the kids are a little restless. Laughing, insubordination, crying, throwing things, crawling under and over everything. It was exciting. Ketchup was everywhere. 

7:10 Head home. Put the kids to bed by 8. 

8:10 back to the shop to finish 80 grit sanding. 

9:05 Finish and head back upstairs. Talk with my wife briefly to plan out the morning. 

9:15 Catch up on WP and start editing and writing the rest of this post. It’s now 9:45 and I’ll put this away until morning. Will see how the night goes. Last night was patently awful. The boy wouldn’t sleep.  

10:15 In bed, and reading the news and such before bed on phone. I know I shouldn’t do that. I used to keep my phone away from the bed, but since Meredith joined my life I’ve both needed my phone in the night (late night secret texting) and used it as a comfort due to feeling depressed. 

11:00 go to sleep. My wife has been asleep for a half hour. 

11:20 the boy is hungry. That was a short rest. Wife gets up to feed him. 

11:30 wife is back in bed. The boy does not want to sleep. He’s letting us know. He’s letting the neighbors know. Ugh. 

11:40 he finally goes to sleep but I’m wired. Browse Pinterest until I get sleepy. 

12:00 back to sleep. 

2:30 the boy is hungry again, but it’s too early. We have to let him figure it out. 10 min later he’s back to sleep. I’m wired again. Check WordPress stats. Read a long article. 

2:45 back to sleep. 

3:45 the boy wakes again. This time it’s ok to feed him which my wife does. 

4:00 back to sleep. 

5:25 both kids are somewhat restless this time of morning. I don’t know why. My daughter would be grumpy if I got her up now. They wake both my wife and me up but then go back to sleep. 

6:30 The boy is a little fussy. He’s ready to get up. There is no sleeping in while on vacation. My wife is exhausted. She asks me to get our daughter ready. I agree. We fall back asleep. 

6:40 BIG scream. This time my wife asks me to get our son ready, but asks it in such a way I can barely tell what she’s asking me to do. Normally my wife shoots out of bed, and has both kids dressed before I can sit upright. This is an unusual morning. 

I get up and am a little dizzy and hazy. Unwrap the boy and hold him in the rocking chair while I wake up. He’s in a better mood now that I’m holding him. My daughter is still out like a light. 


That was my 24 hours of last Tuesday. Enjoy!


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