2nd Therapist

Today I met with a 2nd therapist. The session went very well. Better than the last one. Where the last counselor was quite eccentric this one was very normal. His room was normal. His style was normal. He didn’t utter a single word that made me uncomfortable. Looking back I can say the first guy made me a little uncometable quite often. 

The question I keep asking myself now is: should I be a bit uncomfortable? I don’t know. I’ve never done this before. Talking with the therapist today though it seemed much like talking with an old friend. I will probably go with him. 

Of course the first guy had some very insightful things to say, but he also had some outrageous things too. I’m not sure I could handle the full force of his ideas. 

I guess that settles it. I’ll make my first real appointment in two weeks (first available slot) and get this ball rolling. My hope is to get some clarity on my direction this year. 


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