A Haircut and a Wedding

I generally get my haircut at Great Clips. They are not great, but they are cheap. With tip a haircut is about $20. Any other place where you could actually request the same barber or hairstylist would run double. It adds up!

To make it easy I keep my haircut style simple and hope for the best. Great Clips has a lot of turnover, and it’s rare that I get the same person two times in a row even though I’m there about every three weeks. I love consistency and have almost convinced myself to pay the extra money to go to a nicer place, but man it’s so cheap and easy I just can’t bring myself to change. 

Keeping my haircut style easy also makes the process fast which helps to avoid conversation. It stresses me out to talk all the time while they are cutting my hair. It’s all meaningless small talk and I’m trapped. The more of that conversation I can avoid the better!

Which brings me to last August. I am in the chair getting started on my haircut on a Friday after work and the stylist asks me what plans we have for the weekend. I don’t know what we really had planned, but I don’t think we had much of anything. Maybe organizing the garage, and frankly telling her that seems too personal to me. Instead I blurted out spur of the moment “We have a wedding to go to.”

For the life of me I don’t know what possessed me to say such a thing. I’ve never done anything like that before. There are times when I get into what I call “story mode” and I like to tell outrageous stories in great detail, but I’ve only ever done that with friends and family. Never a stranger. Yet here I was jumping headfirst into story mode. 

The stylist was tickled pink to hear about a wedding. She wanted to know all about it. When? Where? Who is the couple? I had no choice. For the next 15 minutes I created an elaborate story for my stylist. 

The wedding was for my cousin, Allison. I don’t have a cousin Allison so I’m not sure why I chose that name. Once you are in story mode all bets are off. The wedding would be down south, and outdoors. Which led to another story where my wife and I attended an outdoor wedding during a rain storm a few years back. The show went on! 

Allison’s wedding was probably going to be a big wedding, and I was looking forward to the food. I think they were going with some kind of fancy BBQ catering. My wife loves the dancing. Did you know I ended up being an ad hoc DJ at three weddings? Well you don’t know me well but for those that do know me it generally makes their jaws drop. Many are surprised I even know a pop song, let alone that I have mad skills at keeping butts on the dance floor. I hope there is good music at this wedding I tell her. A bad DJ makes me cringe now. 

Weddings can be a lot of fun. I especially enjoy friend weddings. Kicking back, getting drunk and having fun with my buddies. Not much better than that. 

My stylist was overall very pleased with my weekend. She was fairly giddy the whole time. I guess weddings do that to some people. She was even telling the stylist next to us about some of it. 

Finally we reached the end of the haircut talking about wedding cake. I looked in the mirror, and it was one of the best haircuts I’ve received! She spent a bit of extra time to make sure I would look my best the next day. After all that, I never saw her there again. 


3 thoughts on “A Haircut and a Wedding

  1. Oh that’s funny! It reminds me of something that happened to a classmate of mine in college.

    She was working as an intern for a theater company. They needed a wheelchair for a prop and she was charged with obtaining one. She goes to a medical supply company, gets a wheelchair and starts rolling it empty down the sidewalks.

    She gets a little bored and decides to try riding IN the wheelchair. She hops in and is rolling herself along until she gets to the top of the subway stairs.

    Immediately some people crowd around her offering to carry her down the stairs! What does she do! Either she stands up and looks like an idiot… or she accepts their help.

    So she let them carry her down the stairs LOL.

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