St. Patrick’s Day

Last St. Patrick’s Day I was feeling kind of down. Probably about losing my friend. Meredith sent me this set of texts to try to cheer me up. It worked. I guess I’m sharing these so that you can see the other side. Not just my words but her words as well. To see how close we were. 

when I’m feeling down about myself, you’re the one that makes me feel special

when I’m feeling good about myself, you’re the one I want to tell

when I have random thoughts about the weather or my commute or my daughter or ideas about art or work or life, you’re the one I want to share them with

when I have something that I’m trying to figure out that’s complex, you’re the one that I want to come sit with me and work through the problem

it’s all you


8 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Very sweet. It’s a precious thing to have a “bridge between minds” like that. I feel it with very, very few people so when/if I lose that person it is utterly devastating. I felt it with B this year which was why it was so incredibly hard to let go.

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    1. Oh that is hard. I’m sorry about B. It’s strange when you have that connection. It certainly wasn’t what I was expecting. It is very precious. I can tell you I have never had that strong of a connection with anyone before. Ever. Probably why I can’t just let go. I’m not sure I can ever let go.

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  2. I swear, I could have written this to D.. it’s such an enchanting feeling – when everything you experience, you feel it is somehow because of, or to share with, the other. Having them as part of your life makes every situation that much more special..
    I completely get you here .. xo

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