Today I’m really tired

There are times in life when things are just difficult. I know right now that I’m much too sleep deprived to make any serious decisions. My son just doesn’t want to sleep. Not sure exactly what’s bothering him but I hope he grows out of it soon. Wife and I are both exhausted. So is my older child. 

On top of that my dog is getting old. Several years ago when he was only three he developed a herniated disc in his back which has been an on and off again problem for him. We have to be careful of too much stress on his back. More limited walks and no jumping or sharp turning. However he had taken to putting his paws, and as much of his body as he can up on the counters and tables when we are out of sight to try to find leftovers from children. When doing so he keeps reinjuring his back. 

Two nights ago it was way past time to go to bed, and I have a dog in such pain he won’t go outside to pee. I have to carry him, and every time I shift he squeals in my ear. We gave him ibuprofen and waited an hour and finally he managed to pee. Ugh. Not a good start to the night. 

Yesterday morning, as usual, my wife taps out around 4am when our son is just not going to sleep, and I get up to comfort him. With the adrenaline of keeping him asleep I couldn’t get back to sleep after that. Another night in a long string of nights with 5 hours or less sleep. Since I have to go to work there is no chance for a nap either. It’s a vicious cycle. 

Last night was no better. The boy slept a couple of decent stretches, but my damn dog started whining because we stuck him downstairs. He wants to be upstairs with us but I don’t want him on the stairs until his back heals. I get up and put a bark collar on him which usually keeps him quiet. Then I head back to bed. 

Two hours later he does it again. It’s a loud cry. Very sad sound, and he’ll keep it up for over and hour if I let him. Not tonight. I open the gate to let him upstairs. If he wants to hurt his back I don’t care anymore. It’s 2am and he can do whatever the fuck he wants. The first step on the stairs makes him squeal. No shit! That’s why I had you downstairs! For your own good. I know he can’t understand, but it would be nice if he could. It took awhile to get to sleep after dealing with the dog. Sleep time wasted. 

Being a new parent is like living in a war zone. You still have to function at a high level day or night, but it’s rough. Not to mention throwing an old whiney dog with self inflicted injuries into the mix. Thank god it’s Friday. Somehow I need to find some sleep. I can tell it’s getting bad.  I keep saying things incorrectly. Mixing my words and getting nouns wrong. 


8 thoughts on “Today I’m really tired

  1. That totally sucks and I am with you here 100%!
    I have lots of experience with children and hurting dogs!
    Not sure the age of your dog but I have had two already with issues that a combo of fish oils and glucosamine chondroitin has done wonders for! Went from limping and howling to running and playing …. might be worth a try, the dose depends on the size of the dog.
    Kids, well there are so many issues at play, but if yours is very little than the more tired they are the less they sleep! I remember trying to keep mine up longer in hopes they would sleep better, turned out to be the opposite! If your child has trouble sleeping (little child) try putting them to bed earlier, they actually sleep better and longer but it will take 3 or 4 days to readjust.
    It took me 8 years to finally sleep through the night, I do know how you feel! Sorry for that! :/

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    1. Dog is almost 9. We have him on the glucosamine already which really helps with his achy joints. The herniated disc though is behind that. It’s swollen with inflammation and he just needs to rest. My father in law has the same problem.

      I hear ya on the sleep! Earlier is better it’s the strangest thing that if you keep them up later then they wake up earlier. We can do that with my older child. The younger one doesn’t sleep through the night yet. I’d just like him to be able to do a few hours at a time!

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      1. Sleep training can be difficult but it will happen! I know we went through a pretty dry spell then too, it wasn’t fun.
        The dog probably wants to be with you guys more because he senses your stress, they tend to do that. Maybe if you put it in that light he won’t be quite so annoying! 😉
        But I do wish you some sleep!!! Good Luck!

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  2. Sleep deprivation is not good, I can empathise. Please don’t give your dog Ibuprofen though – Ibuprofen has a narrow margin of safety in dogs, and acute toxicosis is common. Can cause renal damage, especially in older dogs.

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  3. Oh dear, I’m out of the patient man loop! Whenever we have a newborn, I basically sequester us to a different part of the house than my husband. He barely even touches the babies until they’re crawling around getting into shit. I know it sounds very old fashioned but it works for us, since he’s the sole wage earner I don’t expect him to deal with nighttime parenting issues. There are few things worse than lack of sleep my dear, you need to catch up somehow.

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    1. “Whenever we have a newborn” -you make it sound like a frequent occurrence! That’s really kind of you to take such measures for your husband. I am not the sole wage earner or even the breadwinner anymore, but it doesn’t matter. I actually really enjoy taking care of the kids, and I’m quite good at putting an infant to sleep. Better than Wife even. Except for when they are hungry/tired. She beats me there out of simple biology :).

      You are right though. There are few things worse. I seem especially prone to getting down without sleep. I used to guard my sleep time like a precious resource. But kids change things including priorities. I will survive. We all do. I really appreciate your comments!

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