Types of sex with Meredith

All of our sexual encounters were intense. When the door closes, and we are alone, our energy changes. She becomes mine. She can feel it, and her breathing changes. Her submission to me comes front and center. I’m in control, and I use that power to keep her filled with intense desire.

I’m not going to walk you through a play by play (at least not today). What I wanted to talk about was the effect of our encounters. Meredith can barely remember a single detail. After we are together I always have to fill her in on the details of what we just did. She remembers the feelings intensely. She remembers how great she felt, and the waves of both desire and orgasms. Yet she cannot remember what we did together.

I’ve never heard of something like this before. There were times when I would tell her what she did, and she would flush with excited embarrassment. Other times she would be able to attach something I told her about with how she felt at the time. She loved feeling that way. Where the sexual encounters were so intense that it was just a wave of emotion. 

Types of Sex

Meredith does not only experience that kind of sex. Generally there are three types of sex that she has. This was all quite fascinating to me, and we talked about it a lot.

The first is loving sex. It is passionate, close and sweet. Tender words are used. Soft caresses. There is a very deep connection formed between her and her lover. In fact it only happens when there is a deep emotional connection with the person. She never orgasms from this type of sex, but instead it leads to tears. Yes, it’s so intense for her from an emotional perspective that she ends up crying during sex – but in a good way like when you watch a sappy movie.

She told me this type of sex does not happen very often. She’s glad about that because it’s too intense. She feels extremely close to the person afterward. It only happened once with me. After she had a particularly down emotional day we met in a conference room. She told me to be tender with her. It was quite different, but also amazing in its own right.

The next kind is rough, kinky, and dirty. Yes we all know this kind, but there are two versions for Meredith. Self guided and Master led.

Self guided is what Meredith has had to do for her entire marriage. She has to have the game playing in her head before and during sex for it to be good. Her husband provides no value there so she must devise the story and keep herself sexually aroused and ready. Sometimes using toys on herself and reading lots of dirty stories to keep the desire high.

She hates having to do all of the work. She will even sometimes tell her husband what to do or say. It drains her to have to be in charge of her entire sex life. She’s naturally submissive, and this forces her to be in control. For the record, Meredith and I never had this type of sex and you’ll soon see why.

Master led is what happens when Meredith and I are together. All she has to do is show up, and I do all the rest. I create the story. I decide how dirty things will be,and what we will be doing. I decide where and generally when.

Up until we became intimate this type of sex was only a dream for her. Something she didn’t think could ever actually exist in real life.

When Meredith has this type of sex she is free to completely lose herself. She lets go. In doing so she is filled with intense pleasure and, as I’ve already mentioned, in general has amnesia over the events that took place. In fact just talking with her and thinking about this type of sex makes her start to take deeper breaths.


I do not know if other women out there have similar responses. Wife definitely does not. I can’t imagine losing all the details. I found it all very interesting, and loved talking with Meredith about it. Experiencing it was pretty great too. Something I’ll always be able to look back to as a highlight of my sexual life.


11 thoughts on “Types of sex with Meredith

  1. This is really interesting to me and insightful. I have had a life of self guided sex in my marriage- never really thought of how draining it is. So I’ve now started using online flings to help spice things up. I couldn’t really figure out why I need this because our marriage is good otherwise. But this has kind of given me perspective- does that make sense?

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    1. I’m glad you found it insightful. I doubt Mistress is the only one suffering from this. Do you know what you are looking for? Mistress found that what she was looking for was for someone ELSE to be in control. She wanted to lose herself in the moment, and you can’t do that when you’re in control of everything.

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  2. I get memory brownouts during sex. This is one reason I began blogging about my sexual experiences, to help me remember them. I’m not sure why this happens. Maybe it’s an endorphin thing. I also get memory brownouts from small amounts of alcohol. Even if I never get drunk, and just a little tipsy (say 2 glasses wine) I will lose pieces of time completely.

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  3. I can completely relate to this. I, too, have those 3 types of sex. Self-guided can be fufilling to me because naturally I’m a Dominant but I prefer submission. The first time I submitted I tried to sit down and write about it the next day and drew long blanks.. the scene/sex last almost 4 hours and all I could recall is minute details where I was waiting for the next for the next tool to touch my skin or waiting to be cuffed/un cuffed etc.

    I now request photos, they work as a trigger. Just talking about the night before can get me in that floaty headspace where I check out for a moment. I believe, like Mistress, I relish in the moment and enjoy hearing about it from Sir. Those times are my relief from the world

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  4. There was a person that I felt close every time we did it. Like we were as one . Then there was one that made me feel like a woman . I just never got a repeat.
    I like being controlled the best I guess the excitement of not knowing what comes next.

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  5. This all makes sense to me! I have the emotional sex, crying is a factor during/after orgasm, and no matter how hard I try to hold it back, I will eventually sob. Even if only for a few moments. It’s odd but apparently not abnormal.
    Self-guided, well, sex in my marriage is boring and far between. A girl has to do what a girl has to do.
    As for Master-led, I don’t forget everything, but I only have glimpses that seem to run on a loop in my head. Certain acts, looks or movements are just on repeat but it’s not the whole movie, just a small snippet. I’m sure I would remember it all if my mind was in a different state, but I somehow become all consumed during the session. As soon as I know that I am going to have the chance to be with Sir, the physical changes start, breathing especially.

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  6. Nice post. I would definitely enjoy the “Master-Led” type of sex where the man takes control and leads the whole sexual experience. Unfortunately, I am stuck with “Self-Guided” sex… When I look back I remember a couple of times that I experienced “Loving Sex” but I didn’t cry. It was sweet and fun though (and full of passion)…

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  7. Meredith and I must be twins because this describes my sex life to a T. The only difference is I am very visual, so I do remember everything. But the master led sex is what made my affair so addicting and amazing- He led, I followed…and I didn’t have to think of anything. His fantasies became mine and he led me on a journey to self discovery that lacks even today in my marriage.

    Very interesting read. Thanks for posting!

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    1. I sometimes wish she remembered it. We were incredible together. But the self discovery and leading her on that journey was very real. I know it is lacking in my marriage and will always be lacking. Thank you for your comments!

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      1. And that’s exactly why affair sex is so erotically fulfilling. It’s different. Yes, lust is a factor. But you and your affair partner connect in a more imaginable way. Creativity blossoms. Journeys are taken. It’s a totally different sexual experience.


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