To Be Owned By You

Before you read what she sent me you should know a little about Meredith. If you had to picture her think of a librarian. A librarian who wears V-necks that plunge just a little deeper than normal. But the sweaters, glasses, hair pulled back – that’s her. Sunday school teacher, choir director, bible camp leader. She has no tattoos; was a top notch scholar in school; never smoked; and generally appears as a sweet, wholesome, young lady. It’s important to understand that in context of what she wrote to me below.

One day last spring I received the below text from Meredith. Throughout the morning we had been our usual playful selves, but then we had a long period of just being quiet. Apparently she was really thinking about me and about us. As you can read, her feelings were intense. During this quiet period, Meredith wrote this to me out of the blue:

I would get your name tattooed on my body if you told me to. Actually, more than that. If you wanted I would be branded. You could write Property of Ryan Patience. And I wouldn’t hesitate.

Do you like that you do that to me? That you make me want to give myself to you like property? That I want to give you complete control of my body?

And furthermore. No man has ever made me feel this way. I was raised to be a strong independent woman. And I know you want that for me too. But I also want to be owned by you. I want to be yours. To take your name. Give my body to you.


6 thoughts on “To Be Owned By You

    1. Ha! Well I don’t think she wants to just be a sex slave, but she wants to submit to me completely. It is a strange paradigm that deserves more study. She has a very feminist bent, but she also has her true nature. Honestly I think they can and should both be true. Everything is circular.

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  1. I believe it has more to do with the person we feel emotionally enslaved to than being sex slaves. I’m much like the person you describe and I’m against tattoos and the like, but if my husband asked it of me I would go quickly and willingly.
    Anyone else however, can kiss my lily white ‘you know what’!
    I have no need to be a sex slave, I have a huge desire to be HIS slave.

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    1. Yeah that is a lot like Mistress. She’s never submitted like this to anyone before and I think this post shows the depth of how it made her feel. She wants it completely and she wanted to let me know. It doesn’t hurt that she also really craves being marked, and is a full on masochist.

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      1. I hear yah! I have a very heavy masochistic side that is for sure, it calms my ever turning mind.
        Submissive I am to only One, ever and always …I know it will never/would never happen again. It’s just not in my nature, it was most certainly earned and a ‘one of’.

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