What do you find beautiful?

There are times when Meredith would question our connection. She would send out these little tests. She wouldn’t tell me they are tests. They seem like small normal questions. I can almost guarantee she was asking H the same questions so she could compare his responses with someone who really knows her (me). It’s a funny thing, and a part of the insecurity that comes along with an emotional affair. You find yourself doing lots of comparisons.

Last April this was the test of the day. For the record she said my response was more than perfect, and she can’t believe I’m real. Here is what Meredith asked me:

What do you find beautiful? What do you love? What makes your heart race?

I answered:

Meredith I find you extraordinarily beautiful. You have such a beautiful face with a gorgeous and expressive smile. Not a generic smile, but a personal smile that reaches out to me with meaning and purpose. It makes me want to stare into those beautiful eyes. Eyes that can speak to me. 

Your body is so lovely. You have the body of a tall and slender lady. Beautiful curves. You have very sexy shoulders that form the frame and I love touching and grabbing those shoulders. Your waist is tiny and fits your frame. Those hips and that ass. Fuck Meredith. You have hips made for grabbing hold of and an ass made for smacking. I love watching your ass as you walk in front of me. I love grabbing that ass as I kiss you passionately. Half lifting you. 

Your legs. Mmmm. So sexy. Long slender legs. Well shaped. Perfect for running my hands over. Running them up your skirt. Right to your warm wet pussy which is waiting for me. Because you can’t resist my touch. You crave it. 

But baby that sexy mind is what I’m after. I can’t believe a woman with such a sexy and sexual mind is attached to such a fucking sexy body. I want to be inside that mind. To control it. To fulfill its every desire. It is your mind that I find so beautiful that it makes my heart race. With one look or one word you can turn me into an animal that craves you. An animal that will stop at nothing to have you. To take you. To make you his obedient little slut. 


6 thoughts on “What do you find beautiful?

    1. I can understand your frustration, but the tests were always in my favor. As if someone created a game that you could never lose. I would usually spot them and then ask her how I did on the test later. She would blush that I knew what she was doing. But I always knew what she was doing! We were so deep in each other’s heads. The best part was that I just had to answer these questions the way that I wanted to. Be myself. The way that came most naturally to me and it would always be more than enough. I can’t explain how but it was just how we worked. I would end up smiling inwardly whenever another test popped up. Her blockhead of a husband would fail every time.

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