Timeline with Meredith Pt 4

The entire week after Meredith and I had sex for the first time I was feeling really bad. That was a line I did not want to cross. It was that moment when I had to admit to myself I was having an affair. I cheated on Wife. Not something I was proud of. Not something Wife deserved.

Meredith and I didn’t have sex again for many weeks. We skipped the entire month of March actually. We continued to communicate both via Wickr and at work. She continued to be my submissive at work. We still played some, but I was struggling with what we had done and she could tell. Nearly everyday we took some time to just sit and talk about things. Down to a coffee shop or in a conference room. Our lives were in such disarray it was nice to talk to each other about what was going on. Our friendship was strong.

Near the end of March I received a cryptic text from another coworker who I’ll call Becca. I was in another state with Wife on vacation visiting family when I received this:

“Hey I need you to be honest about something. Are you seeing someone at work?”

I’ve worked with Becca for a long time. We are fairly close. I’ve been to her house, and met her family. She knows I’m married with a family. To receive a text like this is super odd, and I don’t know what is going on.

I send a feeler out to Meredith to see if she knows. What I found out was both horrible and amazing.

Meredith sits next to Becca at work, and they have been talking a lot. Becca is really good friends with another coworker whom I’ll call Jenny. Becca and Jenny hang out a lot at work. It used to be because they worked on similar projects, but they don’t anymore and are still together quite a bit. As Jenny is frequently up visiting Becca at her desk Meredith would join the two of them in conversation. It turns out Meredith and Jenny had a lot in common. They started to form their own friendship. It seemed like a really great thing for all of them.

Meredith would tell me about Jenny and the conversations they had. She really admired Jenny and thought she was funny. As such Jenny quickly moved up Meredith’s friend ranking. Meredith would talk to me about how she wants to be known, and she feels that both Jenny and myself really understand her. It feels so good that she wants both of us to know her completely. Since Meredith was dealing with loneliness and depression at times I encouraged her to hang out with Jenny after work because I couldn’t be there (because H hates my guts). They did hang out a couple of times. It seemed to be going well.

Now I’m texting Meredith to ask her why Becca is texting me cryptic messages. Meredith is distraught, and even more so knowing I am now involved. It turns out Becca and Jenny were more than close friends. Becca had been having an affair with her for more than a year. Becca is married to a man, and has two children so this caught me a bit by surprise. I knew Jenny was a lesbian, but not Becca. They were so close that Jenny even asked Becca to marry her at one point. But Becca is never going to leave her family. She says maybe someday, but it’s never going to happen. Jenny knows this and told me so.

Apparently their relationship is very volatile. High highs and low lows. Recently they hit a low and stopped seeing each other. At least that is how Jenny saw it. Since Jenny was hanging out with Meredith and saw herself as now single she didn’t think anything of getting close to her. Meredith really wanted to be known by Jenny as who she really was. Which, for her, includes sex. Meredith is slightly bisexual. Like a two on the scale.

I found out from Meredith that twice, when they hung out, they had sex. It was Meredith’s first time with a woman. She really enjoyed it, and thought everything was going well.

Then Jenny got back together with Becca and felt guilty. She told Becca everything. Thinking a clean slate would be good for them. It was not good. Becca went ballistic. I saw some of the texts Becca sent to both Meredith and Jenny. They were bad. Lots of name calling. Lots of threats – of harm to them as well as to herself. It went on and on and on. Meredith was beside herself. She was totally blindsided by this.

At one point Becca sent a text photo to Jenny with all the pills she was going to take. Jenny called a friend from work who lived nearby to go over and be with her. It helped. Becca was gone from work for a week and came back in much better shape. More subdued. Still had crazy episodes it sounds like, but not threatening to harm other people as much. Still hated Meredith and Jenny, who were both afraid to be around her. It was a scary period.

I was a little upset Meredith didn’t tell me the extent of her other relationship. But Jenny asked her not to because of the work situation. I have to work with Jenny on a much more formal basis everyday at work. Meredith said she nearly told me anyway and was really conflicted. I told her in the future she needs to tell me. I can’t help what I don’t know and those choices affect me.

She did tell her husband. He was fine with it. He isn’t threatened by his wife having sex with another woman. Only another man. He knows how she is.

One thing Meredith learned is that although the sex was fun and quite different than with a man she still prefers men. Plus the drama she had to go through completely turned her off. After all that, Jenny gave Meredith the cold shoulder for quite awhile tying to avoid any confrontations with Becca. It was a crushing blow to Meredith and they are no longer even friends.

The reason Becca reached out to me was because she knew Meredith and I were close and thought maybe we were having sex too (lucky guess! Although I didn’t confirm that for her). She claimed she just wanted to know and would keep it quiet, but really she wanted to destroy Meredith. Amazingly Becca and I are still semi-friends today. Enough to keep the peace at work. I played my cards right.

As April approached my relationship with Meredith changed. She had been hunting for another job in other companies within the region. It became obvious she was going to land one soon, and that triggered something within each of us. We couldn’t resist wanting more sex. We had this person right in front of us who could give us the sex we have both craved for many, many years and they were about to exit our lives. Your brain starts making rationalizations for you. The line had already been crossed so…

We ended up having sex in the conference room at work three times in April. There were a couple of blowjobs thrown in as well. Our encounters were amazing. I mean stuff I’ve always dreamed of. I had a beautiful woman who would fall completely under my spell. The way we were in each other’s heads was incredible. The connection. The raw intensity. It was more than I could have imagined. We were magic together.

All through April though we were limited by the conference room. By the end of April she had a start date at her new company set for mid May. We both wanted an uninhibited night together. Or as close as we could get.

On a Friday in May I booked a room at a hotel near work. This was to be our grand finale. We both knew it. I’m going to give you the extreme shorthand. We met there after work. It was intense. We cycled between raw passion, and soft cuddling for four hours. It was sweet and dirty and kinky. It was all we had hoped for. Both of us experienced a freedom and sexual connection we’d never dreamed of experiencing before. And it was all too short.

One incredible memory for us to keep as a shining momento of our relationship. It was our last time together. We made the most of it, or as best we could in such a small span of time. When it was time to go we walked back to our cars together. It wasn’t the last time we would see each other, but it was the last time we were intimate together.


6 thoughts on “Timeline with Meredith Pt 4

  1. Wow isn’t it amazing how grown adults can act like stupid teenagers? I am guilty of this myself more than I care to admit. J is much older than me (almost 60) and some of our text battles look like something that should transpire between 12 year olds.

    Did mistress’ job take her geographically far from you? Surely you guys can still work something out…?

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    1. Yes adults can act like teenagers. Although this was more like homicidal maniac.

      She used to live 30 minutes away and work right next to me. Now she lives 90 min away (with good traffic) and works down there as well. It’s not too far I guess, but it is a ways and it’s in an area that I have absolutely no reason to go to. Kind of isolated. Makes it feel much further.

      But what we are going to work on is our long term. You’ll see in the last part. Part 5.

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  2. Wow…does any actual work get done at this office? It seems like everyone is screwing everyone and work takes second priority!! Talk about drama too!!

    Btw- I haven’t read your entire blog but I have serious doubts about Meredith now. The fact that she was sleeping with a female coworker and never even told you- big red flag. This isn’t a woman who fell for YOU. This is a woman who will act out with anyone, provided her marriage is lacking and opportunity presents. That’s my gut…

    My money is on her repeating this behavior at the next office…and next. You aren’t her first affair and likely not her last. The pedestal with which you hold her on needs to be looked at from a more realistic perspective.

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    1. Yes work gets done! I’m the boss! But to be fair April and May were not our most productive. I probably couldn’t have kept up with what was going on for much longer and kept my job. The other people were able to see each other after work. But the drama – oh yes! I’ve never seen such drama in all my years. It was intense.

      Let’s see. I knew you would question her about this part. I doubt you’re the only one to do so. In fact I questioned her about it myself several times. It seemed like a big red flag to me too.

      But I have to tell you it’s just not like that. This was really an aberration for her. She knows it and she laid everything out for me. In graphic detail actually, and with her whole heart. She apologized profusely and through tears told me she was risking her entire marriage on me. She would never betray me. She admitted she went a little out there, but she knew I would understand, and she knew she should have told me but the whole work thing with Jenny and me put her in a bad spot. She told her husband instead.

      I could absolutely see her repeating this behavior in her current relationship as well. And yes it sounds very conceited and naive but I don’t think she would with me. She has always been brutally honest with me. Not telling me was killing her. She even told me how she kept telling me just enough hoping I would just figure it out. I kind of had a feeling but I didn’t want to intrude upon her new friendship.

      Just because we cheat once doesn’t mean we are destined to do it forever. We both learned our lessons. We were not out fishing for affairs. We ended up in one despite all our efforts to the contrary. Both of us were close friends before all of this. Our trust and communication runs deep. We would not deceive each other without good reason and she felt it was a good reason not to keep it behind my back but to protect Jenny.

      Look this isn’t convincing. I can see it. The words are not coming to me. You have to believe me that this was out of character for her. She had never done this before. We went in detail through all our past lovers. We both were trying to work on our marriages. And then the damn sex stuff ended that dream for us. She really isn’t after a bunch of affairs and that wasn’t what Jenny was about. Jenny was supposed to be above board. More like an open relationship.

      It did shake the pedestal a bit for me but with time she has earned all that trust back. She has been quite honest about how much she regrets her time with Jenny. She was having trouble dealing with life and went looking a little too quickly for answers. I hope maybe you only have minor doubts about her now? 🙂 maybe?

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