Timeline with Meredith Pt 3

Meredith and her family stayed the night NYE. I had visions of us sneaking out together to have sex, but hey my mind is filled with dirty fantasies so this is nothing new. In reality it was a boring night. We went to bed just after midnight, had breakfast in the morning and then they were gone.

H was cool toward me. Meredith always talks about how gregarious and funny he is. That he’s Mr. Social. Yet every time I’ve ever been around him it has been awkward. He’s arrogant as all get out which was hard for both Wife and me. But even from the beginning he never seemed to give me a fair shake.

Leaving NYE our goal was still to drive both our families toward each other. The road seemed long and steep. The two ladies got along fine, but I was having trouble pulling more than 2 word sentences from “Mr. Social” who seemed to want to spend more time staring at his phone than joining the party. When he did finally join it would be with some super arrogant sarcasm.

I’m going to digress here. This is hard for me. Meredith says that she really gets along great with H. That if possible she would love to just be good friends with him. From all I’ve seen he is not fun to be around. He’s an arrogant prick, and I do not get what she sees in him, and how she appears to get along with him so well. She does not seem like the kind to suffer fools. She is out of his league in the beauty department as well. She’s one of the smartest and kindest people I know. Ok enough of that tangent.

January continued like that. We tried to become closer as friends. It quickly became evident that H and I couldn’t write emails or text each other though. He writes like a 19th century author. Very formal. It’s ridiculous (and apparently he still does this with Meredith). It comes across as condescending. Instead we thought meeting in person where we could talk would be best, and set a date to meet at a bar.

Before the bar, in January, Meredith and I had to tone down our texting a lot. We also had to find a way to be open with each other without prying eyes since H seemed to be able to read all her texts. We found Wickr which is private texting. We started using it for awhile and it was very effective. With this new tool we started to drift into secret conversations. Our relationship shifted again.

The bar talk with H did not go well. I went in very humble and prepared to lay open my soul to what is going on. Thinking perhaps he would start to understand. I was wrong. When I was done he then took the time to kindly let me know he disagreed with everything, and he managed to do so in such an authoritative way that left little room for discussion. It was his discussion and then it was over. He knew best how to take care of Meredith. I should butt out. As he explained (can you mansplain to another man because he is a top notch mansplainer?!) once in college he had a close female friend, but Meredith got a little jealous (he failed to mention the jealousy was because he was spending the nights at her place while Meredith was in Mexico) so he told this gal they could no longer be friends (again Meredith said he took it way too far in response). He vowed never to have female friends after that. With a strong hint that I should do the same. His world view is very black and white. No room for gray. Meredith and I live in the gray.

In fact he made it very clear that the only way I was going to be friends with Meredith was to be really close friends with him, and then I would see her incidentally. That was an interesting concept since the entire point of this was that Meredith and I had a special bond. Friendship with him was looking harder and harder with each passing word, too.

Coming out of the bar meeting Meredith and I were even less likely to be friends. Everything was going in reverse. She said she would talk to him and did. He apologized for being arrogant, but not for anything he said. We tried meeting twice more, but nothing resolved.

Then Meredith went away with H on a vacation. The vacation didn’t go well as they were having troubles. I think she was making it a test as to whether he could be the man she needed. He failed. However, she somehow convinced him to have a threesome and she wanted it with me. I’m really not sure how that conversation went, but she can be quite convincing.

We all watched the super bowl with some other friends. That night I got a request from H to join Wickr with him. He wanted to discuss something discreetly. Yeah. The same program Meredith and I had been using to avoid him he was asking ME to join to talk to him. I played it naively.

He started asking me very odd questions about wanting to play games with both of them. Not just Meredith but with him as well. He didn’t like the secrets, and thought this might be a good solution. He didn’t mention threesome, but I knew from Meredith where this was going.

Later that night we started texting on Wickr again while he was having sex with Meredith. Telling me what they were doing, and if I wanted to join them sometime. The talk got a little dirty, and I called her a slut at one point and he asked her how I knew what she liked to be called. Seriously? It’s sex. It’s dirty talk. Then he started sending me pictures too. Of her naked on the bed, and of her face while obviously getting fucked. He said at one point “This could be your view someday soon.” Obviously referring to me fucking his wife.

Yeah, I bet none of you saw that coming, huh? Neither did I. He seemed really into it, and Meredith was on cloud nine. With H screwing her, and me in her ear with the right talk at the right time she had a great night.

The next day Meredith tried to be the go between to keep the energy up with her men, but H had a change of heart. He got hung up on Wife not being in the loop (“an asymmetry of communication” yes that is how he talks). I told him I wanted to join them because it’s a dream of mine. I have lots of sexual fantasies so that isn’t surprising, but it’s not something I could easily bring up to Wife. I told him I think it would be best to see if this even works out. I’d like to go a little further exploring this before breaking it to Wife. That way if it didn’t work then I didn’t drag her into nothing. Also I explained I’d refrain from full on sex.

We setup a dinner date at their place that Wednesday. After dinner we sat on the couch and talked and it was clear he was still uncomfortable about Wife. I explained again what I was thinking. Then we moved on to other things. Meredith changed outfits because she thought the moment had passed, but H was drinking and kept drinking. Obviously trying to muster up courage.

Then the most awkward sexual thing happened. I’m not even sure I can write this it was so awkward. H asks us both to come into the living room. Then he starts telling us where to sit or stand. It’s very quiet and neither Meredith or me know what the hell he’s doing. It turns out he’s trying to be the dominant. To be in control of this scene. And it’s horrible! He has no clue how to do what he’s trying to do, but he’s way too proud to let me take over. I’m trying hard not to disrespect him or his wife in front of him, but he’s making it really hard not to just take hold of the situation.

He forces her to stand in front of us and strip for us. Down to her matching lingerie. (I may not have mentioned, but at work we had started getting handsy in January. I had already had my hands all over this particular set of lingerie earlier in the day.) She was standing there in front of us nearly naked. Her cheeks were flushed. She totally wanted this and was enjoying it except for how H made it awkward as hell.

My head was having a hard time knowing what to do here. H obviously wanted to be in charge. He had no idea what to do. He had been very uncomfortable with me around his wife before. I wanted to reach out and start touching her. To jump in her head and make her crazy. But I was fearful that he would lose it. I think I made the right call on being patient. I don’t think he would’ve taken kindly to me being more in his wife’s head than he was.

He had her turn around. She was wearing a thong. It was nice. I was so hoping that bra was going to come off but it didn’t. He had her sit down between us. I was given permission in the most awkward way possible to feel her tits and legs and really anything except her pussy. He did the same on his side. It was fun. I had a raging hard on for sure, but I felt like a puppy just waiting for him to give the next direction. Not fun. It was tense too. Meredith had to convince him to let me squeeze her ass. Yeah that really took convincing. He did not want me to have free reign.

Then after maybe 15 minutes he says “Now I think it’s time for him to leave.” He couldn’t even talk to me directly. It was like he was talking to Meredith, and she had to relay the info even though we were both holding her tits. Um, ok. So I got up. She came over and I gave her a hug and left whatever the fuck that was. He decided it was only going to be a preview, and we had reached his limit. It had all the makings to be an amazing night, and instead was completely screwed up.

Apparently he took her upstairs right afterward to have sex with her. He was really rough she said, and pushed her too far. She was crying and telling him to stop, but he just kept going until he was done. It was like he had to show her he was the dominant man. In fact he showed her he’s a petulant asshole who raped his wife.

I don’t tell you this because I plan on sharing every intimate detail of our time together, but because it was so odd and shows where there were several lines blurred. At this point I felt fairly confident we were moving toward threesome experiences.

Two days later I got a late night phone call from Meredith saying it was all over. She was inconsolable and crying so hard I could barely make out her words. He told her he did not want her to be friends with me or see me at all anymore. Just matter-of-factly declared it. After all of that! He decides that everything he was pushing for was over as well as her friendship.

I sent him a text asking if it was true, and he causally apologized almost jokingly. Could he be that dense to think “Oh yeah, no problem. After nearly having sex with her at your request I’m just going to dump my best friend and move on. No problem.” Apparently he could. It really pissed me off. I ended up sending him a long email to that effect. In hindsight maybe not the best idea, but it was the last thing I ever said to him.

Essentially that moment ended any attempt I had to keep his interests in mind. I lost all respect for him, and gave up on us ever becoming friends. Meredith still held out hope, but I told her it was up to him. I was done. He was going to make her choose him or me, and I’m sorry for that but I’m not walking away from her. It’s too bad too because that hope was the only thing keeping us from going full fledged into an affair.

From then on our games took on more and more physical aspects. At work she was my submissive. I made her do lots of things for me. She would have to come over everyday and present herself when asked. I would grope her at will, and we made out a lot. We hung out at lunches, and during the day. I also started deciding what outfits she would wear. She gave me head a couple times in a conference room and under the stairs. It was really fun for both of us, but just a taste.

As these things generally go we wanted more. It’s not easy to set something like that up though. I was still very weary about breaking the line of actual sex. I wanted to taste everything but that. In my mind it would keep me on the safe side of cheating. That was my rationalization anyway.

Our opportunity finally occurred when Wife and I hosted our annual party for my team. Since H was no longer speaking with me he opted not to come (thank god). Meredith and I left work together and we left early. We took some time before the party to park and play in the back seat. She was . . . something else. But we did not have sex. We both had orgasms, but no sex by the most restrictive definition.

There was alcohol at the party and we arranged it so Meredith would be the last one to leave, and I would drive her home. Alcohol takes away any vestige of inhibition Meredith has. Wife wasn’t feeling well and went to bed early. As soon as it was just the two of us Meredith got that look in her eyes. Lust. Desire. She kept asking me “Are you going to fuck me? Please fuck me Sir.” She asked it over and over. This was my breaking point. Horny, alone with Meredith, and having her beg me to fuck her. I’ve never been begged before. Especially not by my dream woman.

On the drive to her house I made her ride naked, and found a place to pull over. Jumping in the back I punished her for asking so many questions. Then we had sex. It was really amazing sex. Completely wrong, but exactly what I had been looking for my whole life. We are such a perfect match sexually. I’m not going to go into detail here although my posts marked “Story” do if you are interested.

That drive home was when we crossed the line for the first time. End of February.


7 thoughts on “Timeline with Meredith Pt 3

      1. Oh the H sounds utterly dreadful. I’m going to guess college professor? lol

        But the idea of you fighting back your true nature whilst H thinks he’s in charge is hot!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. He may as well be. No he’s a doctor. In residency. Of course he thinks he’s hot shit even though he couldn’t get accepted to any schools in the US and then couldn’t get into any residency programs in his specialty so went with family practice instead. And only made it into a lower rated program. As my wife is also a doctor; went to a us school; graduated top 5 of her class; accepted by a top notch residency – her first choice; promoted to chief and now is chief of her clinic I do know a few things about this. Yet H would still feel the need to mansplain things to her! She’s such a better and more experienced doctor than he is. What an ass!

        Ok I’ll give you the 2nd one. Mistress knew too. It was killing her. She wanted me in charge but could tell H was feeling a little threatened. Well that’s ok. When I finish part 4 you’ll see that we took care of that urge.


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