I am a Hunter

I mean that in the literal sense. I hunt deer, bear, birds, etc. I also love to fish. Fishing requires an enormous amount of patience and persistence. Growing up out in the country while being an avid reader and student, I would spend lots of time learning the art of hunting. I spent a lot of time learning, practicing, and perfecting everything that happens prior to the bullet or arrow being launched.

That includes tracking, stalking, walking, listening, patience, spotting, and pattern recognition (because animals do a great job blending into their environment). We had a mountain behind our house growing up, and I would test myself out on the mountain. Over time I became quite skilled. My hearing improved. My ability to spot an animal in the scenery was top notch. Stalking is an art, and I am not navy seal level, but pretty great for an archer. I learned to deal with winds, smells, sight lines, and camouflage. I either have natural patience or this period helped me to hone what I had. It takes an incredible amount of patience to perform any of these skills well. I even changed the way I walk to be quiet and fluid.

There was one winter where I used to go out on night hikes by myself with just a knife. No flashlight or anything like that. I would hike the mountains in the dark or the light of the moon if it were available. Everything is so still and quiet at night. You cannot see far which brings every experience much closer. You must rely on your other senses. I would move slow, and deliberately through the woods. You have to really focus your attention to keep from panicking; to keep in control of yourself. These hikes helped me tune my patience for hunting.

Those skills stay with me even when I’m no longer in the woods searching for mule deer. Now I live in the city, and work in a cube farm with a thousand other employees. Over the last several years I’ve been able to adapt my skills to this new environment. I never really noticed because it is just who I am, but Meredith noticed and found it quite the turn on.

The first thing she noticed is that it made me better at playing the game. She even started telling me she loved that I was a hunter. She, of course, is a born and raised city slicker with no knowledge of the hunting world. She finds it all very attractive in me which I found surprising. As if she has finally found a real man. A man who does manly things, and will protect his family to the death. (I realize you do not need to hunt or own guns to be a man, but in this case it really affected her – probably just the contrast with her own husband.) If you are going to submit yourself to a man then it needs to be a strong confident man you would trust your life with.

Secondly she noticed my well-tuned hearing. Not that I can hear more range than anyone else, but within the cube farm I can detect movement and who it is long before she could. In my observation she listens for the direct sound of someone walking. Instead I listen for the shifts in other sounds. As a person walks down the hall they impact other sounds reaching me which alerts me their presence. As the person gets closer there is usually a tell based on speed, rhythm or shuffling that gives away who it is. I instinctively developed profiles of those patterns so I can identify who is behind me without turning around.

This ability floored Meredith. It would turn her on big time when she saw it in action. Of course it was also very helpful as we were often fooling around or playing some kind of game within our cubes. I had my hand up her skirt or down her shirt more times than I can remember, but we were never caught. Generally because she trusted my hunter instinct.

When I think of playing the game my hunting instinct has a large impact. I am constantly scanning for and aware of every beautiful woman within sight. I find myself judging their qualities, and whether they would be good prey – are they playing the game. It’s like a beacon that is always on. There are so many things you can tell from a distance like age, sex appeal, athleticism, general personality type just by watching their gait or their clothes or the hip sway or the way they interact with the people around them. Up close there are other things such as the way they smile, the places they are looking, their nails, calves, and posture. All of those have things to tell me about the woman in question. 99% of the time it is just a fun game for me, and means nothing.

The other aspect of hunting that really works for Meredith is the sheer amount of forethought and planning that you must do for any hunt. I end up using that planning on her. She can’t get enough of it. It makes her feel completely cared for and understood. She can trust me when I tell her to do something. She knows I have thought this through, and she will be taken care of even if she doesn’t know where it is going. In fact that blind trust of giving herself to me is extremely sexy to her. Never before has she been with someone who she could give herself to completely. Including her husband.

Lastly, Meredith enjoys the thought of being my prey. Being sought after. Knowing that I took the time to hunt her properly. Starting with her mind. I delved into the deepest parts of her mind with her. Learning everything about my prey. She yearns to be known. Then we moved to her body until I had it fully under my control. She desires to completely give her body to me. Finally it ends with our souls merging. Something so beautiful that you end up thinking, moving and acting as one.

The hunt never ends though. This isn’t something I’m going to tire of, and move on to the next prey. There is always more to learn. There are always things to perfect, and I have finally found my equal whom I can spend a lifetime perfecting our relationship.


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