Games We Play

Meredith and I play what we call “The Game”. It started innocently enough, and I plan on telling that story someday, but it really morphed into something much greater than either of us could’ve anticipated. The game is primarily around our BDSM relationship, although we did not know it in the beginning.

What we realized is that we have always been playing the game. Our whole lives. It is how our minds work. Maybe everyone does, but it seems very prominent to us. We called it The Game so that her husband would understand in shorthand when we were texting so frequently. It started via texting, and yes her husband was aware at the start. That’s another weird story for a later time.

How can I describe what The Game is? It is us seeing the world through a very sexual lens. It is letting life sometimes decide things for you. It has an exhibitionist element. It is flirting, and the way you present yourself to the world. It’s the drive around sex, and recognizing that drive in others – trying to draw it out.

Do you remember playing Truth or Dare as a kid. For the two of us it is more than a game. It is a set of rules we must follow. We cannot say No. It becomes an alternate set of rules for living. However it only works when you can find the right reason or circumstance to follow. Meredith and I are always searching for those. Because the thrill of the game drives us forever forward.

It drives Meredith to wear sexy lingerie not for her husband, but for all those she will see in the day who do not know what she is wearing underneath. She wears form fitting dresses to get that exposed feeling whenever in sight of an attractive male. She will often tell people who will listen that she is not a good girl, but only allude to why. She wants the mystery. She will stand in ways where men can see down her shirt or look at her ass, but she maintains her innocence. These are all games she would play BEFORE we were together. When she was only playing a solitaire version.

As we grew closer, and our affair started to take off, the games grew much stronger. For once she had a man to actually give her commands and assignments that would thrill her. For example, one day when I knew she would be giving a training to a small class I ordered her to give me her panties before the class. I told her to watch my hand, whenever it was in my pocket I was feeling her panties. She could not have been more thrilled.

The game includes truth too. At times you have to reveal who you really are. Often for us that means on rare occasions we get completely out of our minds drunk and make questionable choices. Because there was no one to pull that information out of us otherwise. We had to create our own compromising situations. We are both ridiculously fun when drunk because it frees us for a short while.

After we came together the need for drinking really slowed for both of us. We had each other to confide in. We would each push each other to uncover our truths. No matter how humiliating or painful they may be. It felt so good to play the game, and to play it with someone who is really good at it.

As the affair continued the game shifted into real BDSM experiences. She wanted desperately to submit to me. To the man she trusts more than anything. The man who can play the game at the same high level as herself, and yet build an unbreakable trust. She is really excited by the voyeur side of herself and loves having a Dominant she can trust to force her into being exposed safely.

Perhaps the game was always about sexual exhibitionism. I’m not completely sure. Either way, we call it “The Game” and it is beautiful.


4 thoughts on “Games We Play

  1. Oh. Wow. I love this concept of the game. Actually, I think I’ve been playing a light solitaire version myself – I have an exhibitionist side of me too. So exciting! I can’t wait to hear more 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You do. Reading your blog it was obvious. In fact I think it is kind of the theme of your blog. You have a very creative mind full of sexual fantasies and you are searching all the time. Just like my Mistress.


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