Emergencies and a Secret Lover

One of the things I worry about with this affair is what would happen in an emergency. Since by definition no one knows of our connection they would not know to contact us.

Let’s say something terrible happens to Meredith while she is on vacation with her husband. How would I ever know? Who would tell me? We have near zero digital connections anymore. She could be on her death bed hoping to hear from me one last time, and I would not know to be there. Would I even be invited to a funeral, god forbid?

The same situation could be in reverse as well. If something were to happen to me she wouldn’t know either. It’s heartbreaking to think about.

I know that we have essentially ended the affair. There is no physical contact. No more daily checkins. But even so this person is extremely important to me and I am to her. If life were not so complicated she would be my wife. She may still be at some point in the future. Imagine a relationship of that nature, and then no one thinks to tell you about an emergency.

It’s very hard for me to think about. Eventually someone would fill us in within the greater network of people. But it could be a while. That time variable could turn out to be very important.


3 thoughts on “Emergencies and a Secret Lover

  1. Because affairs are fantasies. I remember this question was posed onto me once upon a time ago, he said if they were to “happen,” for me to leave the scene and let him “die.” I’m grateful to know I will never be confronted with it.

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  2. This is very distressing… 😦

    Couldn’t you add each other to FB? Not comment or anything but know that there’s a way to find out if something where to happen to either of your .

    Forget the affair, as you both were friends first you owe each other that piece of mind.


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    1. Well… I’m not actually on facebook. Or any other platform except LinkedIn. I don’t think LinkedIn is one of those where you would find out something like that right away. FB is. But no. Her husband would find out and shut that down quickly.

      As much as we owe it to our friendship her husband feels strongly about this as I’m sure you can do understand. As long as he’s in a he picture this is our reality. It sucks.

      I really appreciate your perspective. Even just knowing that others understand the heartache gives me some peace of mind.

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