A Tale of Two Women

I must share a story with you. This popped into my head this evening, and it is an interesting story about the situations you can find yourself in when you have both a wife and a girlfriend.

Sometime in January or February my relationship with my girlfriend had grown in intensity, and her husband asked her to stopped communicating with me. However she had already setup a play date for our two girls with my wife. It was on a day they were both off work, and both her husband and I were at work. She decided to still go hang out with my wife.

They were becoming friends. At this point my relationship with my girlfriend had a sexual edge to it, but we had not had sex. We had possibly fooled around – OK definitely fooled around – I just don’t recall the extent of it. Either way, we both still had these dreams that our families could blend as two shared best friend families. There were so many similarities that it seemed natural, and somewhat likely, although still a long shot. We just had to work on the friendships. Of course my girlfriend and I also hoped that we could  all work out some shared sexual activities as well. An extremely long shot for sure. It would’ve been really nice for all of us except neither of our spouses were on board with that plan.

Back to the story. Both of my ladies were going to spend the day together. I was really excited. Throughout the day they would both text me periodically, but my girlfriend much more than my wife. My girlfriend was using a secure private texting app since her husband did not want her texting me. This app would delete all evidence. Later my wife asked me if she was texting me, because the screen color was different than iMessage. My wife can be a shrewd one at times.

At one point later in the afternoon I text my wife an “I love you!” And then decided to text the same thing to my girlfriend. We had recently started saying that to each other. It started as “I friend-love you” which we pulled from a CS Lewis book, but after a while we just removed the friend.

My wife didn’t notice the dual “I love you” texts, but my girlfriend did. She saw that I text both of them about the same time, and then my wife blurted out “Oh, Ryan sent an ‘I love you’.” Honestly I wasn’t hiding it from my girlfriend. She knew the score.

Do you know what that did to her? The knowledge that both she and my wife were receiving love messages from me at the same time? It turned her on. I’m not quite sure how to explain this, but her being there with my wife while I tell both my women that I love them. It was arousing to her. As the thought is to me as well. She loved the feeling. That they were both mine. That she was one of my ladies. She had no jealousy toward my wife.

In fact, over the weeks prior we had talked about the remote possibility of her just joining our family. Where I would, in essence, have two wives and she really liked the idea. She loved feeling taken as mine, and for some reason being part of a harem, so to speak, really excited her. She didn’t mind the sharing, and loved the idea of a larger family unit raising children together and supporting each other. I’ll admit, it’s a bit of a strange thing for both of us, yet I can’t shake the feeling that I really like the idea. Either way, it doesn’t matter. It was only an idea, and never going to be a reality.

The entire event was a little surreal to me. To have these two beautiful, smart, successful mothers hanging out as friends, and to both be in love with me. It was a lot to comprehend. To be able to text them my love at the same time blew my mind. Then to see my girlfriend’s reaction to it was over the top. I’m not really sharing this story to brag. It is just something that I found interesting about our time together. A moment in my life I would’ve never thought ever possible, and not overly sure I wanted it to happen. Yet it does make me smile.


3 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Women

  1. And this is how polyamory got started. 🙂
    Loving another person doesn’t diminish the love you feel for your wife. One is not better than the other, they are just different. I am sure your wife gives you things that your GF can’t and vice versa. That is the beauty of open-relationships because one person cannot be your everything.

    I totally get and understand your GF and her non-jealousy feelings. Jealousy is bound to happen, we are human after all, but the initial feeling of seeing your partner happy and enjoying that feeling (compersion) is what solidifies you being open to sharing your partner with others. Being secure in his love for you and knowing it doesn’t diminish your relationship with him.

    I have a question? Would you be ok if she was to have two husbands?

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    1. I agree with you. Mistress and I talked about that a lot. Love is not finite. However even Mistress I think would want more than just girlfriend status. She wants more kids and she needs a stable relationship. Honestly I could see it working with three of us but Wife would never consider such a thing.

      Would I be ok if she had two husbands? I don’t know. There are a lot of factors to consider. I tell you though I would entertain the idea. I would talk it out. Obviously for it to work it would mean there isn’t a replacement of me, but just an addition.

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      1. Great answer and that’s exactly it! The other relationship isn’t a replacement but an addition. Otherwise it won’t ever work.
        It would take a miracle for your W to be open to such a thing, especially since she is friends with her, that will be a hard pill to swallow since she will feel betrayed by the both of you.
        but stranger things have happened… one never knows until it happens.

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