Rex Ryan

As a NY Jets fan I had to live through the Rex Ryan years. He’s a bit of a crazy coach with a flare for the theatrical. His attitude is such that regardless of how great a coach he may be he appears to feel the need to try to beat the odds. Playing it safe isn’t his go to strategy. Sort of the opposite of Belichick.

On those times where he does something against the odds, such as going for it on fourth down or challenging a call that probably shouldn’t be challenged, and it comes out in his favor something strange happens. As a fan you find yourself screaming “YESSSS! HE’S THE GREATEST COACH ALIVE!!! HE ALWAYS WINS THOSE! SUCK IT HATERS!!!”

Strangely though when he blows the next four calls over the two games you find yourself wincing and saying “It’s OK. Remember that time two games ago where he nailed it? That was awesome. You win some you lose some. He’s still ahead.” What is really happening is that he is averaging right to where the statistics predict, if not a little lower. We just choose to remember the wins and forget the losses, giving the appearance that Rex really does beat the odds. It’s human nature, but it really plays into the hands of theatrical coaches such as Rex. If it were actually true there would be a lot more playoff berths for his teams.


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